Therapeutic Specialties Offered

While I have experience with a wide variety of issues, and am happy to work with anyone who feels I may be a good fit for them as their therapist, I do specialize in working with people who have some specific experiences or concerns. I use trauma-informed approaches to help those who have experienced or witnessed trauma first-hand, those who have developed secondary trauma in the course of providing support to those directly affected, and adolescents who are impacted by behavioral or mental health concerns. 


I serve those who have experienced or witnessed trauma that are looking to heal and grow; this includes those individuals suffering from past or current trauma and people who have dealt with multiple traumas throughout their life. 

I address secondary trauma, also known as vicarious trauma, in first responders - Fire/EMS, Law Enforcement, Emergency Dispatchers, and Medical Personnel

I help at-risk adolescents (15+) and their families when behavioral concerns, such as defiance, aggression, or suicidal thoughts & actions, have resulted in academic, social, occupational, and/or legal difficulties.