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Facing Trauma: A Workshop for Friends and Family of Sexual Assault Survivors

This is a FREE workshop for anyone, aged 18 and above, who has a loved one who has experienced a sexual assault. It can be difficult to know what to say or do, or even begin to understand their experience. In this 2-hour workshop you will learn about trauma and how it impacts the person you care about. This is a space for you to learn more, as well as ask questions the survivor may not be ready to respond to. It can be difficult for the person who has been assaulted to articulate to those they love what’s going on and how it’s affecting them - we’ll explore all of that together in this workshop so you can walk away with a deeper understanding and tools to help support the survivor in your life. Whether you are a parent, sibling, partner, or friend, you are welcome to join.

Advanced RSVP is required. If you are interested in attending this workshop, or want information on future dates should this day/time not work for your schedule, please contact me at (719) 679-8012.

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